Here are the different Species and their stages that we have in Into the Magic:
(We will be having some more coming shortly!)


1st Stage: Egg
Nestled in a pile of treasure is how a Lonryu egg is most comfortable, so make sure you have a pile of warm PG , BP and other PI treasures to tuck your pet away on top of before it hatches! At this stage there's not much going on, but there ARE sparkling gems and jewels to gawk at!

2nd Stage: Adult

Your egg can hatch into any one of 6 types of Lonryu : Lonryu, Angel Lonryu , Regal Lonryu, Regal Angelic Lonryu, Demonic Lonryu, or Regal Demonic Lonryu
(( Please realize Lonryu do not have a particular gender )) <3

Adult Lonryu RP Descriptions, and Images <3

When your Lonryu is first born ... yes it is a adult right away but it will still have the attitude of a child. . In this stage of their lives, your Lonryu will tend to sleep alot, but when they're not sleeping, they enjoy being talked to by their owner or owner's friends, and like to practice toasting things with their hot breath, though they cannot quite breath fire yet. We reccomend letting them practice on bread in an outdoor area, so there's less of a chance of things getting singed indoors. They still like warm gold at this age, so keep that bed of PG and BP you had for their egg around for them to nap on, preferably in a warm spot on the floor somewhere.

As it grows up, your Lonryu will be very curious and wanting to go out and enjoy the world . They will also begin to realize they can breath fire .... so you might want to keep them outdoors until they master control over the small flames they will probably spit out sometimes. Also, if you have talked with them enough, you will find that they are a very profficent speaker by now!
By the time they are fully aware of how the world works , your Lonryu will probably be borrowing books from you and spending long hours reading near a fire or other warm object, or lazying out in the sunshine. Although it depends heavily on their personality, you could also find them outside chasing down prey animals and testing their fire abilities to cook dinner. If you've trained them well, they'll light all your fires for you, and be an avid conversationalist.

6 different types of Lonryu Adults:

(( Pictures of Regal Angelic and the two Demonic Breeds coming soon!))

1st Stage: Egg

Your Kutan egg must be kept warm and its base wrapped in its blanket of silk at all times. Do not turn this delicate egg or you could injure the unhatched baby inside! Sprouting up from the surface of the egg soon after it has been laid by the mother Kutan and visible while the infant Kutan is still in the egg is a strange antenne-like stalk that is actually the first part of the baby to form! This strange antenne functions as your baby Kutan's first link to the world outside of its shell. Talk to your egg and the stalk may twitch because the baby inside can hear you!
2nd Stage: Adult

Your egg can hatch into any one of 4 types of Kutan : Kutan, Regal Kutan, Never Kutan, and Special Kutan
(the standard Kutan and Regal Kutan have specified Genders, while the others do not)

Adult Kutan RP Descriptions, and Images <3

In the beginning of your kutan's Life: Newly hatched from its shell, your kutan is basically like a brand new baby, who though he may sleep alot in his first years of life, is eager and curious to explore the world around them. Although when your baby is first born it is nearly blind, it doesn't hinder them, as the delicate stalk on their forehead functions as both an ear and echo-location. Most Kutan are curious and sociable by nature, even at this early stage of their development, and love to interact with their owner and other creatures. Around the teen years, your kutan's wing structure will have fully formed and all the feathers essential to flight have filled in, and he should be ready to really start learning to fly. It should take it slow at first, only making small leaps and learning to glide before trying to jump off any cliffs!

After time and effort is put in to his care, your kutan is by now likely a highly intelligent individual and a skilled flyer. Their personality will be effected depending on how you have raised him , and his surroundings :)

4 Types of Kutan (including gender specific ones as well!)

(description coming soon)
(description coming soon)
(description coming soon)
(description coming soon)
(description coming soon)
baby male uni ..... male uni ...... adult uni ...... baby female uni